Fish should be killed immediately after removal from the hook. Inhumane to give her suffering, purifying the scales or taking off the skin when it is still alive. No less barbaric method is passive mortification – waiting, when the fish will suffocate from lack of water. Apart from the moral aspect, this method leads to deterioration of the taste of cooked fish.

Ways to quickly kill the fish

Easy and simple method of stunning is considered a blow with a stick on the top of the head. Avid fishermen harvest for this purpose, small batons of the type of rolling pin. You need to calculate correctly the force of the blow that the fish died instantly, but we must try not to smash her head in.

The following method is suitable for small fish – their heads are bent down hard to the back, to hear the crunch. Grill fish is the easiest thing to do, sticking her thumb in his mouth, then the hand does not slip. Then you need to cut the backbone just behind the head.

Larger fish like pike, first stun by hitting the head, and then pierced with a sharp knife the upper vertebra. For particularly large fish need to take a strong knife, otherwise you risk to break it.

For flounder these options do not apply, it instantly cut off his head, holding his side.

Such fish as pike-perch, ruff, perch, grip, and quickly carry out a sharp knife from head to tail. Thus it is necessary to press the wings of the Gill and dorsal fin. In this case, the fish quickly dripping blood. The disadvantage in this method lies only in the fact that the carcass is not easy to cut into pieces or fillets, remove it from the skin.

In the end, you can just put the fish in the freezer, where it quickly and safely asleep. Experienced fishermen advised to dilute in a bucket of water is a strong brine, which you can omit the fish.

The best way

Having considered different forms of killing live fish, you can come to the conclusion that it is absolutely simple and reliable method is to cut the abdominal aorta, located between the head and gills. When using this option, you are guaranteed a complete success, which cannot be said about the stun. In this case, the blood of fish goes smoothly so you can get a better taste and increase the density and whiteness of the carcass. Just remember that this method only works well when the fish are still full of life and her heart hard to pump blood. Till the blood flows, the fish are left alone and then I start the cutting.