What to do after removing the baby tooth

If removal could not be avoided, it is necessary to strictly follow all doctor's instructions to ensure proper healing of the hole. In place of the missing tooth formed a dense clot. It is a natural barrier between the interior hole and mouth. Full the clot allows the wound quickly, painlessly and successfully overgrown. Therefore, in the first 2-3 days after the procedure, removal of milk teeth is not recommended to rinse the mouth and spit to much. These actions can lead to displacement of a blood clot, injury, and infection of the gums.

In addition, dentists recommends in the first days after the surgery do not give your baby hot foods, limit the intake of sweets, carbonated drinks, citrus fruits and other acidic fruits and dairy products. The kid is not necessary to visit bath, sauna, beach and other places where he can rise body temperature. It should be possible to restrict the classes that require significant physical activity, to ensure that the child does not bite the cheek, not picking at the hole with a toothpick, spoon, toothbrush or fingers. The mouth should be regularly cleaned with soft-bristled cheek, avoiding the extraction of the milk tooth.

Than you can rinse your mouth after tooth extraction child

Three days after removing you can start to rinse your mouth with medications or infusions of herbs. Both have a strong bactericidal effect and are excellent prevention of inflammation of mucosa pit and around it. The most popular drug for rinsing the oral cavity in children is furatsilin.

Tablet furatsilin (0.2 g) carefully grind and pour 100 ml of warm water. Stir the solution using a teaspoon and offer it to the child to rinse mouth every 3-4 hours. Ready solution store in a cool place no more than one day.

Another effective remedy for quick healing of wounds after removing a baby tooth – infusions of medicinal herbs. For disinfection of the oral cavity are applied chamomile, sage and calendula. To prepare the tincture pour 2 tablespoons of herbs a glass of clean hot water in a ceramic or glass container. Wrap the container of fluid with a towel and hold about 1-1. 5 hours. Before use, strain the infusion. Use it for rinsing necessary every 2-3 hours.