Advice 1: How to breed furatsilin for rinsing

Furatsilina solution having an antibacterial effect, often prescribed for angina. How to breed furatsilin for gargling, and how to achieve maximal effect from treatment?
How to breed furatsilin for rinsing
Furatsilin available in tablets of 0.1 gram (they are usually used for ingestion) and in tablets of 0.2 grams. With them we encounter most often. To prepare the solution of furatsilin for gargling we'll need 0.2 grams of medications, and 100 milliliters of hot boiled water (cold water furatsilina may not dissolve).
The cure to "sold" faster, better pre-crush the pill. This can be done by shattering it with a knife into several parts or rubbed a tablespoon. You can chop furatsilin and without removing from the package. To do this, repeatedly tap with a hammer on the blister, and then tear it up and pour furatsilinovoy powder in a glass.
Furatsilin pour hot or boiling water and stir until then, until it is completely dissolved. Before you start to gargle, cool the solution to room temperature – too hot or too cold rinsing should not be.
Furatsilinovoy rinsing you need to do four or five times daily, duration about three minutes. To the effect of the treatment of angina was the maximum, before applying furatsilina need to clear mucous membranes. This can be done by rinsing the throat with a solution of ordinary baking soda (teaspoon in a glass of warm boiled water). You can add furatsilinovoy solution three or four drops of alcohol tincture of calendula – this will make the treatment more effective.
Useful advice
Solution furatsilina is not perishable. If after rinsing you still have a solution – you can store leftovers in a cool and dark place (e.g. refrigerator) for up to ten days.

Advice 2: How to breed furatsilin for rinsing

Furatsilin tablets is a universal remedy for the treatment of diseases of the nose and throat. With equal success it can be used for rinsing of the nose and gargling. Due to its antiseptic properties, furatsilin has a positive effect after three to five applications. The key point is to maximize the dissolution of the dry mass of furatsilina in the boiled water.
How to breed furatsilin for rinsing
You will need
  • - Two tablespoons
  • - A pack of furatsilina
  • - Metal mug
Boil the kettle. A prerequisite is that the water was boiled, and containing a minimum of impurities, such as chlorine, added for disinfection, and microorganisms that are commonly found in groundwater.
Take two tablespoons and put in between the tablet furatsilina. With the power of these squeeze spoons with the objective of making the tablets in the powdery mass. Repeat this procedure to obtain neobhodimogo amounts of powder.
Pour the resulting powder in a metal Cup, pre-Gulf it with boiling water and put on the stove for heating. Gently stir the solution until complete dissolution of furatsilina. Cool the resulting liquid, gently removing the plate, and your solution is ready for use.

Advice 3: Solutions for gargling

At any time of the year very easy to catch a cold. A cough is one of the primary symptoms of flu and sore throats. If time does not begin treatment, it is possible to bring your body to pneumonia. Solutions for gargling is an effective method to help get rid of pain and cough.

For gargling can be used as traditional recipes and medicines. They will help to move away phlegm, relieve swelling in the throat and help kill germs. The recipes of the solutions is very simple. And this is a definite plus. And besides, the ingredients can be found in any apartment.

Gargling with baking soda

полоскание горла содой

Soda is the first thing that comes to mind when you want to relieve sore throat and reduce cough. But do not forget that to gargle with baking soda can be no more than 4 times a day. Otherwise you can damage the mucosa of the throat.

Is solution very simple. Warm water and added 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Everything gets mixed up and starts rinsing. The water is preferably heated to a suitable hot. Then you can at the same time to warm the throat. And if you add just a few drops of iodine, then rinse will help to disinfect the cavity of the throat.

Gargling with salt

полоскание горла солью

Another easy to prepare and effective recipe. In warm water, add a half teaspoon of salt and stir. This solution and to rinse a sore throat. Salt has to be marine.

Gargling with salt and soda

полоскание горла солью с содой

To reduce pain, swelling, kill bacteria and reduce hoarseness, to make rastor of salt and baking soda. Valid in a glass of hot drinking water is added 1 tbsp. of salt, 1 tsp soda and a few drops of iodine. Mix well and gargle.

The solution is to gargle with chlorhexidine

раствор для полоскания

To kill the infection in the throat can help chlorhexidine. Because its main effect is to kill the germs and viruses. 10 ml of chlorhexidine to dissolve in a glass of water and rinse. This method can be used only by adults, because the solution in any case impossible to swallow. If it so happened that when the rinsing liquid enters the stomach, it is necessary to immediately take activated charcoal.

Gargling calendula

полоскание горла календулой

Having dry hair can be effectively treated from a sore throat. Because of the essential oil of this medicinal plant are antibiotic. Prepare a tincture of calendula is very easy. 2 tsp dried plants pour a glass of boiling water and let stand for at least 15 minutes. Then the liquid is separated from calendula and gargle. Gargling calendula is effective if the liquid is well heated.


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