Furatsilin available in tablets of 0.1 gram (they are usually used for ingestion) and in tablets of 0.2 grams. With them we encounter most often. To prepare the solution of furatsilin for gargling we'll need 0.2 grams of medications, and 100 milliliters of hot boiled water (cold water furatsilina may not dissolve).
The cure to "sold" faster, better pre-crush the pill. This can be done by shattering it with a knife into several parts or rubbed a tablespoon. You can chop furatsilin and without removing from the package. To do this, repeatedly tap with a hammer on the blister, and then tear it up and pour furatsilinovoy powder in a glass.
Furatsilin pour hot or boiling water and stir until then, until it is completely dissolved. Before you start to gargle, cool the solution to room temperature – too hot or too cold rinsing should not be.
Furatsilinovoy rinsing you need to do four or five times daily, duration about three minutes. To the effect of the treatment of angina was the maximum, before applying furatsilina need to clear mucous membranes. This can be done by rinsing the throat with a solution of ordinary baking soda (teaspoon in a glass of warm boiled water). You can add furatsilinovoy solution three or four drops of alcohol tincture of calendula – this will make the treatment more effective.