Buy clay in the store. This is the easiest and quite affordable way to get the material. Usually it is sold in the stationery Department or in stores specializing in the sale of products for independent creativity. The usual grey clay has a smooth and elastic structure, ideal for beginners in modeling.
For those who are already fairly good sculpts, you can buy blue clay. It is sold most often in powder form, Packed in big packages for a few pounds. Before using it one must sift through a fine sieve to clear from the contained pebbles. And then be diluted with water according to packaging instructions.
Use natural clay. You can find her on the shore of a river, pond or gully. However, modeling is not suitable, all natural clay, but only the one which has good elasticity and does not form after drying cracks. To determine this, remember the clay in the hand make her a cake and put it in the sun or in a warm place until dry. If the clay is left flat and smooth, you can try to use it in modeling products. However, beginners and children to better understand sculpting with polymer clay.
Before using natural material, prepare it for operation. In this clay often contains small stones, twigs and other debris of the soil, making it unsuitable for sculpting. To start, lay the clay smooth a thin layer on the cloth or plate and dry in the open air, in the oven or on the battery. The dry material is put in a canvas bag and crush to a fine powder. Clay then sift the powder through a fine sieve - this will allow you to separate from it the stones and chips.
Part of the powder pour into the bucket so that he took one-third of capacity. And then to the brim of the bucket, pour warm water. Mix thoroughly until smooth mass and allow it to stand for 1 day. After this time gently scuba cops, dredge liquid clay, trying to capture the settled debris and hard rock.
Put klinoobraznuju ground in a plaster container or several layers of fabric, which absorbs water. After drying, the clay will no longer stick to hands, but at the same time remain plastic, it is ready for sculpting.