You will need
  • phone;
  • - telephone directory of the city;
  • - computer or Communicator.
Browse the directory of your city or call the help Desk. There is certainly a detailed address and telephone number of your regional divisions of the Federal service of court bailiffs. Just do not forget that the appeal in the phone referral service, as a rule, is paid.
Visit the official site of Federal service of court bailiffs of Russia On the home page select a region and click "Search". Or use directory information, law portal of yunet ( In the selection menu office click on the logo of the service of judicial bailiffs , and select the list of desired region. From the list of regional divisions, select the one that you need. All contact information (address and phone numbers) will be listed under the name of the desired division of the Federal bailiff service.
Take a city map or open an interactive map in the Internet. If you do not know the terrain, review on the map the location of the service of judicial bailiffs on you found the exact address and choose the most convenient route to get there.
Take someone a large sum of money borrowed under a properly executed receipt, will receive a loan from a Bank or even in any way take obviously unrealistic financial obligations. You can also cause material harm to the physical or legal entity. It is malicious evade from fulfillment of obligations. Ignore suggestions about the conclusion of a settlement agreement and debt restructuring. Wait for the statement of the injured party in a judicial order the decision on compulsory collecting from you the amount of debt. In any case, do not change your address and constantly sitting at home. No investigative activities you carry out now will not have – the bailiff will find you themselves.