You will need
  • Cell phone
  • Owner subscriber
Install forwarding.For the effective operation of the service, it is better to set multiple redirects to "Voice mail": the unconditional, in case of inaccessibility of the subscriber or if the user does not answer the call, busy signal. If forwarding is set, regardless of the reason why this number couldn't get through, the caller will be asked to leave the subscriber a voice message. When it left the phone receives a notification of voicemails, and there is only him to hear.
Call on the offered number.When the notification is received, dial the call number "Voicemail", set by the operator of the network connection. This can be the full mobile phone number or short number consisting of three digits.Pressing the call key, you set the system Voice mail intended for registration, forwarding, and saving of voice messages.
Specify your own number.Next, you need to tell us your telephone number and password of mailbox "Voice mail", placed at the service connection. Most often, the operator requests that the owner of the phone typed on your phone 7(phone number) # (password) #". Typically, the user sets a simple password is automatically, it may be "000" or "111" depending on the operator. For the safety and protection of the data of voice mail box, it is recommended to set your password during the first call to this service.
Listen to the voice mail.The operator provides access to the box left voice messages, after which you can make the necessary steps with voice messages: listen, delete, save, etc., are used for this command, set by the operator.
Note that the Voice mail service is not available automatically, it needs to be connected according to the instructions of the operator.