First, a penalty without a receipt you can pay on the spot. Basically, it applies to traffic fines. You can pay as soon as you issued a decree on the payment of a fine. In order to take your money legally, the inspectors give out cash registers.
How to pay the fine without a <b>receipt</b>
In order to pay the fine without a receipt, you can use the Internet. To start, go to the website, select the relevant category of "fines and state duties". Here you need to enter your data: surname, name, patronymic and depending on what the penalty is written, the document number. For example, if you have a fine at the traffic police indicate driver's license number. And the system will give you all the information. In order to pay the fine, you just have to write off all the data. And then pay either via the Internet or through specialized payment terminals.
Exist for payment of fines without receipts and such special terminals, which need only be paid in the relevant fields driver's license number. It is in response to the findings will give you all the information on your penalties and will offer to pay for them.
How to pay the fine without a <b>receipt</b>
Another option, however, for those who pay a fine tight to pay for it via the bailiffs. When the summons comes that you must pay the fine, you need to go to them in the Department. Right there on the spot and, most importantly, without any receipts to pay the debt. The advantage of this method - no queues. Yes, and the marshals on the database will check whether you have other debts.
How to pay the fine without a <b>receipt</b>
You can also take the help of mobile operators. If a receipt is lost, you can find the amount you need to pay via SMS message, and then to pay the debt through the terminal. To find out how much money you have state, you need to send SMS-request to number 9112 (for all mobile operators are one), where you specify the following: traffic, space, number of vehicle, blank, no driver's license. This service cost 40 rubles. But you will find all necessary information and will be able to pay the fine in any place convenient for you.
How to pay the fine without a <b>receipt</b>