The service does not require activation or special configuration — it is completely free and available to all subscribers of "Beeline", located in home network and in roaming.
Dial by pressing a simple command: *144*subscriber's number in international format# and press the call button. The international format is as follows: country code, network code (or city code), the actual number. For example: +7 903 3333333.
The man whose call are you waiting for, get sms sent from your number: "the caller asks You to call him back". After a few seconds you will receive sms-notification that your request is delivered. Sent a request of money from your account, not withdraw. Note that the command "Call me" available to send not more than 10 times during the day.
In addition, subscribers of "Beeline" can use another similar service - "call a friend". Connections are also not required, free to any subscriber with a prepaid system.
Dial the following combination: 05050 phone number "Beeline" and the call key. The phone is "eight". For example, 050509033333333. Wait for connection, and, if the person is willing to pay for your call, you will start a conversation with him. If the connection is not established, you will receive a message indicating the reason. "Call of source" available to subscribers of "Beeline" not more than 5 times a day.
Not to recall the desired command, simply fill in the form requesta "Call me" or "call a friend" in the Handbook of your mobile phone — if necessary, you'll quickly choose from your address book the desired entry.