You will need
  • - telephone directory;
  • service 09;
  • - access to the Internet.
Use electronic phone books, example of which can serve as a "2gis". You can download it from the Internet and install it on your computer or mobile phone, or use online. Enter information on wanted person that you have, search the program's interface and press the "Find" button. This Handbook contains information for all the major cities of Russia.
Look for the phone of the person you want by entering his name and other data about him in the search interface in your browser. Perhaps somewhere in the network this person has left about itself any information.
Try to find out the phone number by calling the helpdesk on the same for the whole of Russia phone 09 or 090 (mobile phone).
If you know the name and location of the enterprise or organization where the wanted man, look the directory telephone number of the institution, this will be quite simple. Contact the HR Department and ask them to provide the necessary information. Motivate your interest urgent need.
Go to the website of the institution trained in a wanted man. Open the section "Graduates of different years", see whether there is the information you need. If the person sought is still learning, contact the Registrar of the educational institution, try to inquire through him.
This method will allow you to know you phone number of the person directly from the. To do this, do a search in popular social networks such as "Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki", Twitter, Facebook, My world. Start with those sites that you are registered in other register. For a more successful and quick retrieval, except the names of the sought person, it is necessary to have any additional information, for example, data about the name, age, city of residence, etc. In this case, the search results will be more accurate and you don't have to go through hundreds and thousands of profiles with the same name.
Buy telephone directory of your city in the printed version (if the person being sought lives with you in the same city) and try to find a contact in it.
Use sites that give information about phone number by name online. Trust only those resources for which such information is provided free of charge, without any preliminary manipulations (sending sms messages, etc.)