You will need
  • Court order;
  • the documents proving the identity;
  • copies of documents related to the execution of the court order;
Before you go to the bailiffsfind out where geographically is the desired unit, if possible ask how to call. Find out hours of operation and time of reception about the matter. In most cases, bailiffs do not conduct consultations over the phone, so you should go to the Department yourself.
Before visiting bailiff specify which documents should be provided. Prepare the documents, make the necessary photocopies.
Apply to the court bailiffs best in writing. All requests to write in two copies, each should be a registration of an incoming document and number.
If there is no possibility to independently appeal to the judicial bailiffs the right Department, send an appeal letter in the mail. Be sure to send a registered letter with delivery notification, so will be confident of receiving treatment.
After the initiation of enforcement proceedings the case will be transferred to the officer with whom you will communicate during events aimed at the execution of the court order. Write the data and the coordinates of the bailiff to facilitate further communication.