You will need
  • - the name of the authority which you have to pay a fine;
  • the amount of the fine.
To pay the penalty for the offense without having the receipt, you can go to any branch of Sberbank. There will say that you need to pay a fine, for example, for a traffic violation. The representative will be given a form that you will need to fill in themselves. Next to the cashier and pay the amount of the fineand follow with a request to print a receipt.
To pay a fineand obtain a receipt you can ask for help on the official site abouta finebasego you body. To do this, from the list of constituent entities of the Russian Federation select the one in which it was received fine. Next, from the list of departments, select Department, an employee who was issued a fine. You will then be asked to find addresses, phone numbers and mode of operation of the Department and provides information about the account details for payment. Then enter your details and print the receipt. With printed receipt, go to any branch of the Sberbank and pay it.
If you didn't care about the payment receipt within a few months from the date of receipt of the penaltyas – wait for a registered letter with the decision-the receipt from a bailiff. After receiving the letter, pay the ticket plus ten percent of that will be interest, at any branch of the savings Bank, take the receipt of payment to bailiffs and the administrative case will be closed. If you go in the service is not possible, send the receipt by Fax.