The very phrase "white ticket" — a colloquial slang, as it has a red color as a regular document.

Getting white ticket

To assign white military card need to undergo a specialized medical examination of doctors and specially convened military Commission, which documented the health status of non-military service.

Category white ticket

We are talking about division into a number of categories of validity:

The recruits who are partially fit for military service who are exempted from military service and are enrolled in the reverse (stock). In peacetime, not subject to appeal.

Category "G" — recruits who are not subject to military service for health reasons temporarily. Recruits in this category receive a delay from service in army, which in turn depends on the severity of the disease and can range from 6 to 12 months.

This category is assigned after the acute chronic diseases, traumas, surgical interventions and dysfunction of musculoskeletal system.

"D" — recruits who do not are subject to military training and are fully exempt from the military service. Category "D" is assigned in diseases such as tuberculosis, severe, HIV, syphilis, harmful tumor growths, severe diabetes mellitus, schizophrenia, epilepsy, Donatism or mental insufficiency, when significant variances functionality of visual and hearing AIDS, bronchial asthma, ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract, developmental defects or in the absence of upper or lower extremities, lack of vital organs, as well as other severe diseases.

To receive a white ticket can count, HIV-infected, drug addicts.

Disadvantages white ticket

- prohibition of re-employment to positions that relate to public service;
- exclusion of the possibility of obtaining a driver's license (in the case where a white card issued on the grounds of mental illness);
- exclusion of the possibility of obtaining official permission to own weapons (in the case where a white card issued on the grounds of mental illness).

White military ticket is for a lifetime, as the category of validity prescribed it cannot be changed.