The complaint shall be in writing in free form. There are specific requirements for availability of information. The complaint must be given the following information:
- title, surname and initials of the officer to whom the complaint is made;
- circumstances of the case and the dates;
- the grounds for the complaint (here, you specify which rights the claimant had been violated, provisions guaranteeing these rights, circumstances and evidence of their violation);
- the subject of the complaint: whether you are appealing the ruling of the court, order the action or inaction of a bailiff;
- details of the claimant: surname and initials, address.
Initially, the complaint is addressed directly to the bailiff, the address of which it is composed. The bailiff must forward the complaint to the relevant officials in the marshals service, not later than 3 days. The deadline for submitting written response to a complaint is 30 calendar days.
If this desired effect is not produced, refer the petition to the Office of the Federal bailiff service of the Russian Federation. The principle of applying the same - there is a written request that includes the necessary information and demanding action on the issue. In most cases, the petition is sufficient for rapid and effective solutions to problems, as well as the use of proportionate penalties to offending bailiff.
If the appeal to the FSSP to resolve the situation failed, you have every right to go to court with a claim to the police officer violating your rights. Please contact the district court at the place of work of a bailiff. The claim term is 10 days from the time when the bailiff had violated the order of execution of their duties, or since the date when the plaintiff became aware of this fact.