Submit your sheet to the Bank where the account is opened for legal entity or entrepreneur. To do this, write an application to the head of the Bank in which you state:

- name and requisites of the creditor, the debtor.

- account number of the debtor.

- the size of the monetary claims.

- enclose the original of the Executive document.

Statement send by registered mail with a list of enclosures. The inventory confirms loss of document in order to obtain a duplicate. The Bank shall write off cash funds independently from the consent of the debtor.
Present in the bailiffs at the location of the debtor. Together with the original of the Executive, direct the application instituting the enforcement proceedings. Here, specify: what property could be seized, the requirement of restriction temporary departure from the Russian Federation, the details that you want to transfer the amount of the debt. After passing the resolution on initiation of Executive production, the expiration of the period for voluntary compliance, the application of compulsory execution measures. Is the sale of the debtor's property, the lien on the payments of the debtor (wages, pensions).
The period of performance requirements in the Executive document two months. After this deadline, the creditor has the right to go to court or to the chief of judicial officers (senior police officer) with the complaint to inactivity of the bailiff. In the absence of a response to the complaint or the failure to take adequate measures of enforcement, refer the complaint to senior bailiff - the chief bailiff of the Russian Federation. Next, write a complaint to the chief bailiff in the Federal court bailiffs service via an Internet site service or registered mail. The complaint apply to all complaints and responses received.