The right to take the necessary measures to preserve the property and sealing of the apartments have public notaries (private notaries do not have such a right). If you are a notary, at the request of the heirs go to the location of the inheritance. Also take measures for the protection of the property, if found out that it was left unattended after the death of a citizen.
First describe everything in the apartment property (furniture, clothes, jewelry). A report listing the quantity, size, color, and year of things, sign it in the presence of witnesses. Left the apartment, attach a strip of paper on the door, putting the date of the inventory, position and stamp.
If the inventory is constantly interrupted or occurs for several days, it apachetivity apartment every time you exit from it. Be sure to specify in the act the reasons and time of the termination inventory, restore it. Also write in the act on the state seal or print in the autopsy room.
Remove the seal from the door when the process of the establishment and announcement of heirs. If such is not found, you have the right to make the act of transfer of property to the state.
In other cases, the sealing of the apartment occurs only by court order. If you are the bailiff, please refer to the senior officer for permission to enter the apartment of the debtor. After the forced eviction of tenants, the flat seal indicating the time, position and name, put the state seal.
Don't forget to present the writ to the debtor or to the violator indicating the amount of performance fee.
If you are a debtor, remember that the bailiff legally has the right to enter the apartment if he has a writ of execution, to examine and describe the property, if necessary to seal the apartment.