Contact the appropriate bailiffs and take it 2 the application form or a sample of his fill. A similar statement is written in free form, but some General rules must be observed. If you write it not on the form, use a standard sheet of white paper. In this case, the application must be submitted in a printed form that the text was legible and well read.
In the upper right hand corner write the name and address of the bailiff service. A little back and to the right, write the following words: "the Claimant:" your surname, name and patronymic name, enter address and phone for contact. Make another indentation and after the word "Debtor:" write surname, full first name and patronymic, in whose name the writ. Specify the address of the debtor.
Write the title of the document, stepping back from the address part 1 see Position title: "Application for initiation of enforcement proceedings" in the middle of the row.
The introductory part of the application set out briefly, with reference to the details of the case. Don't forget to write the case number, the surname and initials of the claimant and debtor, the amount of punishment. Immediately write the date of the issuance of the writ, its series and number.
In the main text we will state the request for recovery of a specified sum from the debtor, enter again his residential address. List the details of your personal Bank account, which should transfer the amount of the penalty. These details are full name of your Bank, its correspondent account, BIK, INN, your account number.
Additionally, you can also specify the address of the real estate of the debtor and ask them to arrest him for failing to recover money, it was produced at the expense of the property.
In conclusion, refer to article 67 and part 2 of article 30 of the Federal law "On enforcement proceedings" and ask them to make a decision on temporary restriction of debtor outside the territory of the country.
As the application a writ of execution, to which you refer in the text of the statement. Don't forget to attach it to the application. Put your painting, give it to the decryption date. Send the application form by post, by registered letter with return notification and put in an envelope a list of documents. If the application you want to transfer in person, write in the Secretariat of the second instance indicates that it was made.