The first step towards a voluntary exit from the party "United Russia"is writing a letter of resignation. The statement shall be in writing and addressed to the Secretary of the primary (local, regional) branch of the party. In this statement do not have to specify the reasons for the member of the party make the decision about leaving it, but if desired, they can be listed. The statement of withdrawal from the party must be signed personally by the applicant must specify the date and place.
The statement of withdrawal from the party, signed by the applicant, must be brought into primary (local, regional) branch of the party at the place of residence of the member of the party. It is also necessary to bring to the office of the party membership party membership, which is subject to change.
The office party (primary, local or regional) adopted a statement of withdrawal from the partyshall be recorded. In the Charter of "United Russia" States: "Termination of membership in the Party begins from the date of registration of the written statement in the respective primary (local, regional) office. From this moment on, stop all the party powers as a member of the elected governing and Central bodies of the Party and its structural subdivisions. Also a citizen loses their rights existing member of the party and ceases to bear the corresponding responsibilities.
If for some reason a statement on the voluntary withdrawal from the party was not registered and was not recorded in the registry, you have to re-write it and make sure that it was taken (to record the incoming number of the document, make a copy with a mark about acceptance).