First decide on what specialty you want to do on a budget or a paid Department. Then select a specific school. If in your city there are no such institutions, find out where the nearest of them, if there is a hostel and what are the rates for rented apartments.
Find out beforehand when starts the selection Committee. This information can be obtained from the Internet on the official websites of aviation school or visiting the institution in person. Then in College preparatory courses, refer to the list of documents required for admission. Ask whether there are open days.
Perhaps in school you can do on favorable terms, without entrance exams. This question should ask the Chairman of the selection Committee. As a rule, the list of persons entitled to benefits similar in all flight schools. So, without examination have the right to enter the Olympic games prize-winners and members of national teams of the Russian Federation. Out of competition can be children-orphans, left without parental care until the age of 23, invalids of 1 group, etc.
The documents can send by registered mail with notification or take them personally to the admissions office of the school. Each applicant is put a personal matter, where filed all the papers, in addition, you have to put a signature on their delivery particular person.
As a rule, entrance examinations include Russian language and mathematics or physics. Additionally, it may be followed by an interview. The exams are in written form, often in the form of testing. Re-retake in case of unsatisfactory assessment is not allowed.
On the basis of the review documents and the results of entrance examinations, as well as the results of the competition are admitted for training. With the Order of admission can be found on the official websites of aviation schools or at the educational institution where the posted lists with the data submitted by applicants.