At the mention of the profession flight attendants in front of the eyes, a charming image of a petite girl in a blue uniform. She is always smiling and ready to help passengers, she tightened and well-groomed, knows foreign languages and is not afraid of anything. But to answer all these requirements - it is not meant to be a flight attendant. In addition, you need to be trained in special courses to go on which, incidentally, is not so easy.

Selection criteria for cabin crew

When applying for flight attendant all candidates go through a professional selection. Are considered, first of all, candidates not older than 30 years, with perfect health and certain parameters, that is, not full-bodied, with the size of clothes for girls not more than 46-th size, height 175 cm, and for men no more than the 54th, rising to 185 see Also external data is assessed and the psychological state of the candidates, their skills, their resistance to stressful situations, their ability to adequately respond to any threat and not to panic.

Flight attendants must be fluent in the English language, because on duty, they often have to communicate with foreigners. Is a big plus and knowledge of the basics of psychology or medicine.

Where to teach flight attendants

Stewardesses and flight attendants of a major airline, as a rule, choose and prepare themselves. This approach is due primarily to the high staff turnover in this direction. Choosing the profession of a stewardess, not everyone realizes how difficult it is emotionally and physically.

Free course of the flight attendants applicants must contact the airline. In case the selection Committee, composed of employees of the company with a wide experience of work, considers the candidate worthy, the applicant shall sign an employment contract for 3 years or more, and learning takes place through the Contracting authority.

Those who are immediately after school want to study to become a flight attendant or flight attendant, you need to try your hand at so-called schools of the conductors. One of them has been working since 1995 on the basis of the technical University of civil aviation in Moscow. There are other similar educational institutions in Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities. The cost of training ranges from 36 000 to 70 000 rubles.

What should know and be able to become a flight attendant

The flight attendant and the flight attendant is not just the staff on Board. In addition to the ability to bring drinks and to calm passengers, they should know the basics of medicine, proficient in spoken English and be able to use emergency and rescue equipment and have basic knowledge of aircraft design.