Advice 1: What military aviation school is in Russia

Held in the recent past, the former Minister of defense "reforms" in the sphere of higher military education was hit hard on the basis of the military aviation schools. As a result there are only two existing educational institutions that prepare military pilots and helicopter pilots.
What military aviation school is in Russia

The Kachin higher military aviation school (KWAME)

It was renamed Krasnodar school of a name of A. K. Serov (or KWAI). History of the school began in 1930, the year when according to the order of people's Commissar of defense was formed on the 30th Military school of pilots. Initially, the institution was located in the city of Chita. In 1939 the school was named Serov, who received Hero of the Soviet Union and died in the course of the military operations in Spain. In 1960, the year the school was relocated to Krasnodar.

Today KWAME produces military pilots for service in bomber, fighter, assault, long-range, military-transport aircraft. Cadets who complete the training receive the highest military specialty – a military pilot. In addition to military education, and civilian assigned to the qualification "engineer on operation of aircraft, air traffic management".

This specialty fully complies with the educational standards adopted in Russia.

The school trains specialists in 4 departments:
- basic flight training: a study of the theoretical foundations, initial flight training cadets pass in Krasnodar;
- fighter aircraft: the flight crew is preparing to Armavir training center (specialty - military fighter pilot);
- bomber, ground attack aircraft: the training is held in STS aviation training center for the specialty of a bomber pilot, pilot-attack;
transport, long - range aviation: pilots prepare in Balashovskiy training center aircraft based here and trained civil pilots).

Syzransky military aviation school (SHAWL or PILES)

Another name – Syzran military Institute. The country's only military flying school, which trains military helicopter pilots. Organized in 1940, the year as a pilot school, in 1998, became the highest military educational institution. Today recruits cadets for training in the specialty "operation of aircraft, air traffic management". Flight profile – a military pilot-helicopter pilot.

After graduating from College (in 5 years), the student receives the qualification of engineer. The school has two faculties:
flight: casual, combat activity of the aviation military units. After training are awarded the title of "Lieutenant" and qualification engineer and pilot.
technical: operation of engines, aircraft, repair them. And operation of navigation, flight systems and electronic equipment. The qualification of "military technician". The term of study at this school in 3 years.

Advice 2 : How to go to military school

Military College attracts many young people after school. In the list of advantages of this institution - free food, accommodation and uniforms, as well as a guaranteed job after graduation. However, in military school, like any other post-secondary educational institution, take just after the entrance exams and competition. The number of applicants for the place depends on the popularity of the school and the number of beneficiaries. To find out if you have a chance to do, you need to follow a specific algorithm.
How to go to military school
Contact the recruitment office at the place of residence. If you have already finished school, you have the right to attempt admission. In the military you will need to write a personal statement in the prescribed form.
Gather the necessary for military school documents. Among them - birth certificate, medical certificate about state of health, characteristics of schools, four photos and so on. The exact list of the necessary paperwork will tell you in the military or admissions of the school where you are going to do.
If you have benefits on receipt, for example, are you an orphan or a son of a soldier, then you need to attach documentary evidence from the Department of social protection of the population of your city or area, or other public institutions. Then, instead of entrance examinations you will be scheduled for an interview.
Once the documents are accepted, you will be assigned days for arrival at school and entrance examinations. As a rule, military schools pass the math, dictation, as well as the physical training, but the exact list of items it is better to check with the admissions office.
Back Information Useful information How to go to military school. Candidates entering the Military Institute of physical culture, must have sports titles or sports categories below the second one of the sports, to the Military Institute (military conductor) Military University – professional skills on one of the instruments of a brass band.
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Who is eligible to enter the Suvorov military school? In accordance with the instructions (Annex No. 1 to decree of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation from 15.01.01 No. 29) in Suvorov military schools and cadet (sea cadet) corps can do minor citizens of the Russian Federation males aged 15 years and under (as of December 31 of the year of admission) who have completed 8 th grade educational institutions respectively in the year of entry...

Advice 3 : For flight and aviation colleges in Russia

Flight-aviation College or school conducts the training of future aviation technicians and pilots. The main difference between College and College is that in addition to the basic training of students, which gives polytechnics and colleges added to the program in-depth training.
Training class of flight-aviation College

The choice of educational institution

In flight-aviation College and military school and you can't do under the influence of momentary whim or just for the company with best friend. Further training the applicant will require patience and presence of interest to the future profession. It is therefore necessary to think carefully in advance of the flight profession and to choose a school. The first question this raises the issue of the accreditation of the future citadel of knowledge. At the moment in this sector of education is well demonstrated as the highest flight school and the average. However, flying closer to relates to secondary education, because it belongs more to the field of operating machinery than to engineering activities.

Sadly, according to statistics, the number of flight aviation colleges in Russia declined, and the choice is not very large. Today it is best to guide the choice of school and geographical factors. You must first find out whether the selected school branch of the relevant University in which at desire it is possible to obtain a higher education. In the absence of nearby areas of flight school, you can contact territorial selection Commission, which is located in the regional civil aviation administration for detailed information. If the applicant sees himself as solely a military pilot, then it is better to enroll immediately in advanced flight school.

Requirements for applicants

For admission to flight school and pass examinations or count the results of the exam at:
- mathematics;
Russian language and literature;
- physics (for some specialties).

The right of admission to the school are graduates of secondary education schools, whose age does not exceed 25 years. But the most important criteria to learn flying business is health. The admissions office must be provided with all the information and the results of medical tests of the applicant. On their list are required help from a psychiatrist and narcologist. Complete list of medical documents can be found in the admissions office of each school. Another surprise for applicants can be a number of photographs – about 12 pieces, so keep in mind this.

In addition to a high school diploma and the applicant will need quick reflexes, ability to make decisions instantly, resistance to stressful situations and concentration. Teaching is not going to be easy, so be prepared to patiently perform all the tasks of mentors.
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