Go to service in the regular army. If you are under 18, you have the right to serve under conscription or contract. In this case, you will become a member of the armed forces. As of 2012, the conscripts serve only one year. For the first six months they can get the rank of Junior Sergeant. Then have the option to purchase additional stripes on the shoulder straps and become a Sergeant or staff Sergeant.
Will enter the highest military educational institutions. This can be done after graduation or the annual service in the army. In a similar study 5 years and get upon successful completion the title of Lieutenant. You can then continue the service and to "Lieutenant" and "captain". 2-3 years after receiving the rank of captain has the opportunity to be a major.
Move up the job ladder. Remember that the title you give is either for success during exercises or combat operations. If you do not send in "hot spots", then you need to show a healthy lead. Namely, consistently command a platoon, to put you later company commander. Subject to the successful work you will receive the position of Deputy battalion commander and assigned to the rank of major.
Finished military Department or military training center. The opportunity exists among students of higher education institutions on the basis of which is military training. If you have the desire to become an officer, choose a University where there is the MTS (military training center). You will need to pass a 5-year training, after which you will assign the title of "Lieutenant".
Will ProSuite 3-5 years in the armed forces of the Russian Federation according to the signed contract. Usually, graduates of military educational centers serve 3 years. Then they are either transferred to the reserve or continue the service. During the contract service you can reach the "Lieutenant" and "captain". Even after 2-3 years it is possible to obtain the rank of major upon successful command over the composition of the company during the exercise.