You will need
  • - certificate of graduation;
  • - certificate of health condition;
  • - diploma for victory in the Olympics.
Select a profession that interests you. For example, in MAI there are directions for the preparation as engineering, Economics, Aeronautics, management and even linguistics.
Hand over Unified state examination in those subjects which you will need for admission. A list of them you can read on the website of the Moscow aviation Institute in the section dedicated to the different specialties If you already have received higher education or finished high school until 2009, then for you the exam is optional and there are other forms of internal control. Also from the system of the exam excludes foreign nationals not having a residence permit in the Russian Federation.
Take part in themed competitions. However, specify whether to count the win at any event as improving chances for admission to a particular institution - MAI. This can be done by calling the admissions office of the University or come there personally.
In June, submit the documents to the admissions office, including the documents on education and health passport. You can send back any originals or copies of the papers for admission. This is necessary if you want to try your luck not only in one University.
If necessary, go through the entrance test conducted by this University.
Wait for the release of the list of enrolled students. It needs to be made in August. If you appear in this paper, it means that you are accepted to the University. If you do not have quite a few points for the budget office, try to wait. In a number of disciplines conduct the so-called second wave of enrollment, if the first left. So do not rush to pick up original copies of your certificates and carry them to another University.