Since the Soviet Union all the flight schools are divided into civil and military. Accordingly, in the civil train pilots for civilian traffic and commercial organizations, military pilots for service in the air force. In addition, these flight school can be as higher and secondary technical training which lasts respectively for 5 or 3 years.
It is important to note that most flight schools today are preparing students not only flight crews, i.e. pilots, but also prepare all kinds of technical personnel for the aviation ground services. Therefore, entry requirements for applicants can vary considerably depending on the specific specialty and educational institutions.
In most cases, the flight school can get people with complete secondary education (certificate of successful completion of high school), at the age of 25, fit state of health and have successfully passed the entrance exams. As a rule, in the list of examination subjects included mathematics and Russian language. In some cases, is added to the exam in physics.
For admission to the examinations and interview, the applicant must submit to the admission Commission the following documents:
- certificate of complete secondary or vocational education;

- medical certificate form 086, certificate of immunized, a certificate of admission to the physical education lessons;

- autobiography;

-certificate from the psycho-neurological and narcological dispensaries;

- 6 photos in the size 3x4;

Upon application by the applicant personally is a passport and a certificate about the relationship to military duty.
For the specialty of pilots-pilots in addition to standard medical certificates required as a positive conclusion of the special medical Commission Vlek in flight school and successful passage of professional psychological selection. For some other specialties may need private ophthalmology report.