You will need
  • - high scores in physics and mathematics;
  • - the certificate about the termination of 11 classes of secondary school or the diploma about the termination of special educational institutions;
  • - certificate of the Unified State exam;
  • - medical certificate (form No. 086/u);
  • - certificate of a citizen subject to conscription (military service registration certificate or military ID (only for men from 18 to 27 years);
  • - passport (original and copy);
  • - photos 3x4 cm and 4x6 cm, black and white with six pieces each.
Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) is the most popular educational institution among those who want to become a pilot of the aircraft, or devote his life to the service of the iron birds. The competition in this school is decent - 5-6 persons into place. Therefore, the training requires a serious. In addition to physics and mathematics you need to know the grammar of the Russian language. In schools, except special physico-mathematical, the desired level of knowledge is impossible to achieve. Therefore, in order to enter the aviation Institute, sign up for two-year courses.
Entered the preparatory courses at the aviation Institute after graduating from the 9th grade. To be enrolled, you must pass two exams - physics and mathematics. Jobs are not very difficult for a person with good knowledge of these subjects. First year students are taught profound knowledge in mathematics and physics. In the second year added Russian language. Lectures are held by professors of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Seminars - students of the first, second and third year. Preparatory classes are held in the building of the MAI on the Volokolamsk highway (M. Falcon) in the evening. Rates of pay, the cost can be clarified by phone: +7(495)158-43-33.
If you enroll in courses at the MAI failed, hire Tutors. This can be done in the Institute ofe, referring to the senior students. Of course, the cost of these sessions will be much higher than group lecture. But they will be held at a time convenient for you and comfortable environment. Besides, it will always be possible to disassemble more obscure topic that is not always possible during a lecture with a large number of students.