You will need
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • - documents on the house or building;
  • - a statement in PRCC;
  • - copy of the cadastral plan of the settlement;
  • - the act of agreeing;
  • - the decision of the Arbitration court (if the act of agreeing;
  • technical documents, certified in the administration.
  • - extract from the cadastral passport and copy of plan;
  • - a statement in UFGC.
To determine the exact boundaries of the site , please contact the Office of the Federal center for unified land registration, cadastre and cartography. Write a statement. You will be put on the waiting list for maintenance work on the land.
Take in the local administration a copy of the cadastral plan of the land area. It is necessary to submit to the engineer for earthworks. On the basis of this plan will undertake the marking of boundaries, make a map plot, plan and produce a topographical survey of the area about the location of the site relative to all neighboring lands.
Make the act of agreeing borders with all neighbouring landowners. It is written by hand in any form. Specify your address, full name, and that all the neighbors agree with scribed borders. Should be signed, name of owners of neighboring properties, and home address.
All the documents attest to the district municipality, and also submit the photocopies of all the technical documents and the act of matching boundaries.
If someone from the owners of the neighbouring land, bordering on possession, has not signed the deed of agreement, refer to the statement in Arbitration court. Because without the act of agreeing the boundaries, it is impossible to obtain a cadastral passport for it and put the land plot cadastral registration.
After the judgement, the court order refer to the Federal registration of the centre for land registration, cadastre and cartography. On the basis of all the documents of the land will put on the cadastral account, give it the cadastral number and the cadastral passport issue.
Take the extract from the cadastral passport, a copy of the cadastral plan. Contact the Federal Office registration center for registration of real estate transactions. Imagine all the received documents, the title document for the plot and the structure, if it exists. After 30 days, you will be given a certificate of ownership.