Sign a contract-an agreement to define a share. It should be prepared and concluded between two or more persons who have jointly owned the property. Traditionally, the contract on definition of shares concluded in respect of the property (land, apartments, houses). This agreement about the definition of share between the parties aimed at the regulation of property relations on a voluntary basis between the owners of joint ownership.
Define in the agreement between the parties, by mutual consent, each share of the owner in handy for all owners of proportion, condition, order, and method of division of property, and also indicate the rules of use of the property. The contract on definition of shares may be made in the allocation of the share of the heir (coming into inheritance), upon dissolution of marriage, division of common joint property of the spouses. Often the agreement entered into between the owners of the apartment in case if one of the owners of joint ownership has the desire to allocate their share for sale.
Submit the claim with the requirement to determine the share in a judicial order. It may be submitted by any of the owners of the joint property. This should be done in the case when at least one of the parties failed to conclude the contract on definition of shares.
Sign the agreement determining the share at the notary office, this requires the presence of all the owners. Prepare the following documents: passports of the owners; documents of title to the property; a certificate of inheritance rights (when the share of the heir). Any additions and changes to the contract on definition of shares necessarily notarized. Then register the right to shared ownership of the body of state registration.