Confirm the existence of the right of ownership of the individual house. This is required due to the fact that according to article 36 of the Land Code of Russia, the priority right to privatize the land or the acquisition of rights to the lease are legal entities and citizens – owners of buildings, structures, buildings. Such document is or contract of sale or certificate of inheritance by law (will), or a deed of gift, or barter, or contract that "provides for perpetual use of the land for the construction of individual houses to the law of personal property". In the latter case, when the actual square footage does not exceed that indicated in the contract, get in FGU "Land cadastre chamber" for the location of the site, the cadastral passport on him, providing contract and passport. Then register the right of ownership to land plot at the Federal registration service your area.
Apply the above method the land under the house in the case when the contract he issued to the previous owner households, according to the Federal Law No. 268-FZ of November 13, 2007. This will need a document that confirms your ownership of the house and the contract for the land plot of the last owner.
Make a plot of land if it does not fall under the previous laws, as follows. Consult with the documents of title to the house in the regional FGU "Land cadastre chamber" for your area and make a great statement for surveying the land. Then swipe his surveying and the formation of borders. Please contact a licensed land surveying organization.
Apply prepared land management organization documents to control land use district administration and write a statement addressed to the head on the preparation of the scheme of a land plot on the cadastral plan. With her back to FGU "Land cadastre chamber" of your region to the state cadastral registration of land. Get cadastral passport for it.
Apply a second application in the office of land use administration municipal district to the head on granting the land plot in rent or the property. Citizens who bought a house before 01.07.1990, he is free, others for a fee. This is done by issuing the decree the head of administration of the municipal district. Then, you should contact the Committee on management of property of administration of the municipal district to enter into a lease or sale. Then register it in the regional Department of management of Federal registration service. In the case where land granted to the property for free, that should apply to the Registrar for registration of title documents to him. In Committee on management of property is not necessary to address.