Units of measure areas of land

Unit of measure an acre more known in America, and we have acres, hectares or Ares. Known since Soviet times 6 acres in terms of hectares 0.06 hectares.

To measure the area you need to measure its width, length, and multiply each other. In this case, the resulting plot size in sq. m. Plot of a more complicated shape is measured by dividing it into squares, rectangles or trapezoids. Next, separately calculate the area of each figure and sum the total area. Taking a measurement without a surveying instrument, possible errors and inaccuracies. In Australia, Canada, USA and UK land measure is the acre. One acre is equal to 4046 sq. m.

The concept of weaving entered in our everyday life since Soviet times. Weaving – this is the same ar, an area equal to 100 sq. m. it is easiest to measure the area of a square or rectangular shape. For example, our plot length is 50 m, and the width 42 m. the yard covers an Area of 2100 square meters, and dividing by 100, it turns out that we own 21 acres. In case plot size is more than one hundred acres, to measure its area in hectares better. 100 acres is 1 hectare.

Tools for measuring land

The major means of land measurement are measuring devices: range finders (laser, light or sound), total stations, haughty towers, and others. To obtain high accuracy, the owner should contact the land company. Today the examination of land use the results of surveys. There are three main ways of measuring:
- the method of measurement of the indentation;
- the linear method;
- triangle method.

At the beginning of the work, should establish a baseline against which further measurements are carried out. The measurement process is performed along the centerlines of the handrails. What to do if there are no guidelines? In this case, the specialist exposes the conventional boundaries. Triangle method is used to measure plots of rectangular or square shape with tape. For the custom sites need to make all the necessary measurements such as, direction of bends, angles, notches, and position of structures. In the future, if you forget the transfer method area, you can take advantage of the online calculator.

For the development of domestic gardening is very important to know how to measure land. The average in the area of 10 acres you can plant about 20 trees, 40 bushes of berries and a few dozen strawberry bushes. And it's not just fresh fruit and berries, but also the enrichment of air with oxygen.