Advice 1: How to develop a plot

The development of the plot must begin with planning. On graph paper or in a computer program designed for architects, sketch plan of the site and place on it what you want to see: house, auxiliary buildings, vegetable garden, garden, flower garden. Just don't get carried away and don't forget about the scale, otherwise your plan will be impossible.
How to develop a plot
You will need
  • - the site plan;
  • - the folding;
  • - saplings of fruit trees;
  • - seedlings of perennial flowers;
  • - seeds of annual flowers;
  • - seeds of vegetables;
  • - shovel;
  • - watering.
Start development of a site with the rooting out unnecessary trees. Not all of them should be removed, with or without trees, land will immediately become "naked" and will cease to like you. It is believed that deciduous trees produce too much garbage, we have every spring, raking in large piles of leaves and burn them. On the other hand, fallen leaves can be a good raw material for compost heaps and subsequently as a valuable fertilizer. Another tip about trees: in the bark of pine trees to overwinter beneficial insects, whereas in the spruce bark – harmful. It is also worth considering when you make the final decision about rooting out.
Order deep plowing of the site until it has no plants and buildings. The tractor will do the job for a few hours, while the man, armed with a shovel, you will need months of hard physical labor. If the cultivator had just harrowed the soil, you will need to manually remove the weeds. It is especially important to destroy all the roots of perennial plants: goutweed, nettles, sow Thistle, etc. There are cultivators who not only plowed ground, but ground and mulch the weeds. In this case, manual work is not required.
Determine whether your soil liming. There are very few vegetable crops, growing well in acidic soils, most vegetables and berries gives good yields if the pH of the plot is close to neutral. Lime is necessary to make since autumn, not combining with organic amendment.
Mark future patch. Ideally, they should go from West to East, if this is not possible, lay them from North to South. In the presence of the slope the garden a better place through it. At high groundwater tables, raise the beds above the level of the plot, making the curb with a height of 25-35 cm. best are beds with a width of 0.5 m and a length of 4 m. On heavy clay soils provide an additional drainage system. Its also best to do at the stage of development of the plot, that is, before plant trees and vegetable crops.

Advice 2 : How to clear the land

To make lawn or flower garden, you must first clear the land. A good result can be obtained only by removing from the area stones, garbage, pieces of glass. You also need to get rid of weeds as they can in a short time to fill in every space and instead of resting you will have to weed the lawn.
How to clear the land
You will need
  • - rake;
  • - a metal grid;
  • - shovel;
  • - rye seeds;
  • - cardboard;
  • - vinegar;
  • - travarica (lawn mower).
In order to get rid of the stones on the plot, dig it and vzryhlite. With a rake with frequent teeth walk around the lawn, carefully removing all the rocks.
To get a more accurate surface, sift the earth through a sieve. Sieve, do this: put together wooden rectangular frame, inside fasten chicken wire (the smaller the mesh, the smaller stones will be screened). For convenience, install the two legs on one side so that the sieve was tilted to the ground, about 30-45⁰.
Do work on a Sunny day, when the earth is completely dry. Clean the area of the land equal to the sieve size, from stones. Put on it tilted the strainer and the adjacent plot to throw the piece of land on the sieve. As a result, the first area is flat and soft surface, without stones. Move the sieve to the next station and continue until the entire lawn is covered with sifted earth.
Below on the lawn couldn't grow weeds in each section, lay a piece of cardboard, and on top pour the sifted earth. In this land, and plant grass with small root systems or flowers. The roots of the weeds in this case will simply decompose in the ground, cardboard for the next year also rot – as a result you will have a nice smooth lawn with no weeds.
Very running the ground clean from weeds in the following way: first, cut all the grass with a lawn mower or traviesas. You can also use destroying chemical means or acetic acid (hereinafter, it is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide).
Dig the land and sow it with rye. Rye differs in that it destroys all the weeds in the area. Green rye bevel and again, right from her dig site (the rye will become an excellent fertilizer). Over the summer, sow and perekapyvayut the site several times. The next year the weeds will be gone.
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