In accordance with applicable on the territory of the Russian Federation building norms and rules, building codes, and in particular SNiP 31-01-2003 "residential apartment Buildings", the area of the buildings is set equal to the square of the horizontal section at the outer contour of the building at the level of the cap. It takes into account all protruding parts of the building with floors – balconies, terraces, galleries, verandahs and porticos. If there are architectural details of the building based on the pillars, they are also included in the common area of his building.
Due to the fact that at the present time in many localities already operate rules of land use and developmentthat establish the boundaries of the various territorial zones, it is necessary to correctly identify the area of development. It is a regulated quantity and for each zone has its own value. For warehouse areas it is greater, for residential construction less.
The maximum permitted percent of building within the borders of this land plot is defined as the ratio of the sum of the squares of construction of all buildings to the total land area. To know this ratio, you need to have a plan of building your site, or plans of each building erected on it.
If the structures are erected for architectural projects, all the necessary dimensions you can determine them because they are floor plans with dimensions, including the outer walls. In that case, if you do not know the size of the buildings and structures on the site, order a topographical survey, their surveyors doing measurements on the outer contour of the buildings. Get a topographic plan of the site. Since all topographical scheme at present are created using special GIS software, the area of construction of each building will be counted automatically. Just ask to specify it in the diagram.