You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a statement in FUSCH;
  • - title documents for the land plot;
  • - the act of agreeing boundaries;
  • - an explanation of unnecessary space (if you froze it revealed).
To obtain technical documents for the land ploton the basis of which you will issue cadastral documents and put the plot on a single cadastral registration, to apply in FUSCH. Present your passport, fill in an application form for conducting a survey, submit title documents for the land plot. These documents include: contract of purchase and sale or gift, certificate of inheritance, lease agreement, proof of household book, obtained in the local administration or the Board of a horticultural society, if you got land and does not have any documents.
On the basis of submitted application, you will come to the engineer's inventory. Before his visit, you should obtain a copy of the cadastral plan of land settlement, which will be given to the district administration on the basis of the application.
You will carry out all technical work on the survey, mark the boundaries of the site, will do a topographical survey of the site and locality will determine the actual size of the plot. On the basis of work you will receive a package of technical documents.
Create a written act of harmonization of land boundaries. It must be signed by all users of land bordering yours. If you can't agree on borders, and some of the neighbors not to sign the act, apply to the court and decide the matter in accordance with the requirements of the law.
If the actual measurement of the area of land showed that the size does not match that specified in the documents, write a written explanation of the emergence of excess land.
All the documents present in FUSCH. On the basis of your parcel of land is assigned a cadastral number, process all necessary cadastral documents, after which you will be able to register property rights through the cadastral all statements, documents of title and the statement in PPRC.