You will need
  • - title deed to land;
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • technical plans of objects on the site;
  • - document confirming the ownership of the plot of land.
Prepare all legal documents for the land plot. This can be the document confirming the inheritance, the cadastral number of the land, any other act about the provision of the section public authority or body of self-government.
Apply for the issuance of cadastral passport of the land register at the location of the land. Remember that in addition to title documents for the land , the applicant must provide to the territorial cadastre office receipt confirming payment of the registration fee.
Cadastral chamber will also request the documents confirming the ownership of land to a particular category of land, the technical plans of objects under this section or the act authorized organization that objects on the site no longer exists.
After 10 days you will be able to obtain cadastral passport on the ground. Since the documents on the land plot in the Cadastral chamber will not be granted, the passport will be the following entry: "the boundaries of the land not installed".
If you later on the land, executed without surveying, will be built house, then its registration in the BTI, it is also not required. Usually BTI asks the applicant only cadastral passport of the land plot and his plan.
To complete the registration of land, contact the Federal registration service at the location of the site. For this you also do not need to do a survey. The fed will only request the identity document of the applicant, the document on the right to land, issued by the cadastral passport and the receipt on payment of state duty for registration of rights.
The Registrar will make a record of the ownership of land in the Unified state register of rights to real estate (egrn). The very certificate of registration on the ground you will receive within a month.