You will need
  • - application to the cadastral chamber;
  • - technical documents;
  • - cadastral extract;
  • - statement to the Registrar;
  • or two of receipt of payment for registration;
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of ownership.
If you are the sole owner of the land and plans to divide it into two allotments, one of which you can later sell, donate, exchange or take other legal actions are not contradicting the current legislation, contact your local authorities and find out what is the minimum area of land plots is established in your area. If the newly formed allotments will correspond to this area, then you without any problems have the right to make re-surveying, to establish the boundaries of the two parcels, put them on a unified cadastre and register of ownership rights into two separate land.
In the presence of a single plot of land of several owners you must coordinate section with all the owners or file a claim in court on compulsory division.
For the re-subdivision refer to the cadastral chamber, call the cadastral engineer, who will hold the entire list of needed technical work on the single allotment.
Please submit the technical documents to the cadastral chamber. Apply, submit a certificate of ownership on a single parcel. On the basis of the documents presented your two put put on a single registration and will assign them different cadastral numbers and will issue cadastral passport, an extract from which you need to obtain to carry out the procedure of registration of ownership rights to newly formed land plots.
To register ownership rights to two different land formed a single wearing, contact companies house. To present the passport, the certificate of ownership on a single parcel, cadastral extract on both of the newly formed site, complete the application, pay the state fee in the double amount as registration of ownership will be done on two different areas.
In one month you will be given two certificates of ownership.