You will need
  • - documents of title to the allocated unit;
  • - cadastral plan of the land area;
  • - the copy of the requested area.
Land Pai is provided to the workers and pensioners of the collective and state farms, workers of education, culture and healthcare for free. However, to pay for cadastral works and land tax however would have. Otherwise, the privatization of land becomes impossible, the citizen will not be included in the number of Paiers. To dispose of land shares in the future, he can't.
Before the procedure of allocation of land, ensure proper design belonging to the agricultural enterprise land Fund. Should be conducted in the survey areas, each land Pai has state registration number. Only after that, each owner may start registering their land unit.
The whole mass of land with/x enterprise is divided into parcels in the cadastral form. When you select a land unit note his blogchannel, and proximity to the road, the river, the lake, woods. Low blogchannel means that the land is of poor quality. However, it will allocate you to a greater extent. With a high value of blogactiv you will have less land.
Find out what newspaper you want to publish a notice of the intention of the recovered land through land shares. For example, in the Staraya Russa district of the Novgorod region such notice must be published in the local newspaper "Staraya Russa" and the regional newspaper "Novgorodskie Vedomosti".
In the notice, specify a name, the name/s company is a party or heir of the equity ownership of where you are. The size of the allocated land plot, specify the area in hectares, the assessed value of land in villagechurch. Make sure to bind the land to any guidelines. For example, the site is located 20 km to the South from the South end of the village Nagatkino. Specify the address to which the 30-day deadline to send objections.
In the same notice using a copy of the allocated land plot, draw a plan of the site with its reference to any reference points. In the regional newspaper just specify that the copy on this site is available.
A copy of the requested plot
If within 30 days there are no valid objections are received, contact the surveyors to conduct cadastral works and obtaining a cadastral passport. Will pay for these cadastral works.
Post an ad in the local newspaper about the meeting and agreement about the location of the boundaries of the land. In the notice of the meeting specify which of the cadastral engineer is working on the clarification of the location of the boundaries of the area; its cadastral number; who is the customer of cadastral works; when and where the meeting will be held, interested persons, where you can see the draft survey plan; with the owners of any adjoining land need to agree the location of the unit.
Turn in registration chamber, cadastral passport, land deed, a copy of the minutes of the meeting, the newspaper with the cheque payment. A month later, the certificate of ownership on the land of Pai will be in your hands. Congratulations!