Why you need a survey

Survey – clarification and establishment of boundaries and land area, their coordination with all adjacent land users, as well as the formation of the package of legal documents. These documents confirm the right to use, determine the types of permitted use of the land and existing encumbrances which may restrict its use. This information is contained in the document "Boundary plan"compiled by unified form. On the basis of a survey plan for registration of plot as an object of law in the state cadastral authorities (Rosreestr).

Any operation with land: purchase and sale, donation, registration of lease, etc. not considered legal until it is registered in these bodies. Therefore, the survey should be held in any case, even if you already have a plot of land, the actual border which was formed many years ago and which has long been used for its intended purpose.
The survey allows you to determine the actual square footage and to legitimize it, even if it is more than indicated in the title documents.

Stages of surveying

The procedure of boundary work is clearly spelled out in the Federal law "On state cadastre of real estate", and the procedure for drawing up a survey plan is regulated by the legal acts of the Ministry of economic development. The complex of works on survey includes several stages:

1. Collection of all necessary documentation on the site. Documents confirming the right of ownership and other documents based on which this was granted, as well as other available information and reference material.

2. Clarification of boundaries and coordination with adjacent land users. Surveying the coordinates of the nodal points of the plot, the calculation of the lengths of its sides and the total area.

3. Preparation of a survey plan using all the information received. This information is included in the survey plan in the form of apps.

4. Submission of a survey plan to the regional bodies of Federal registration service for registration of the cadastral passport, confirming the registration and the formulation of the land in the state cadastre.

How to survey your land

As a rule, in the hands of the citizen a certificate of ownership or other act of the local authorities confirming this right, as well as the document on the basis of the Decree of the head of administration of municipal formation, the contract of purchase and sale, gift, exchange or document of inheritance. You need to make copies of these documents. The legislation does not require notarization of these copies, but if you live not in Moscow, officials may ask you similar confirm their authenticity. In addition, the bodies of architecture, you can order information help. It usually contains the layout of the site, data on territorial zoning, including information from the General Plan, Rules of land tenure and building, other data on presence of protected areas.

Ask what company in your city engaged in the survey. To produce boundary plan can only be certified by a cadastral engineer, who operates as a sole proprietorship or as a part of that firm. Examine rates and read reviews, only then enter into a contract to carry out survey works by the contractor at the optimal ratio of quality and cost of carried out surveying work. Better if under the terms of the contract, you pay the Deposit through the Bank, and the remaining amount will pay after the landmark plan will be ready. To specify the time when the surveyor will be able to come to your site and make the necessary measurements.
The contract, signed by all the rules, will allow you to follow your interests, if you work in surveying will be done poorly or not on time.

The most difficult process harmonization of land boundaries with adjacent land users. The choice of the cadastral engineer, he can do it individually or by convening meetings of all interested persons – those boundaries which adjoin the boundaries of your. Information about you and your neighbors can get in bodies rosreestra. Differences should be documented by acts, which are applied to the boundary plan. After placing the act of agreeing the boundaries, these disagreements can be settled in court.

Once you get your hands on the landmark plan, it must submit to the bodies of Federal registration service for verification and registration of land. More recently, the landmark plan is provided to the customer in electronic form. In the State cadastral chamber, you can also return it in electronic form, but the application printed on paper. After some time, provided that the boundary plan is written correctly, you may receive the cadastral plan of the land confirming that information about the territory, its borders and the owner brought in the State cadastre of real estate.