Damaged bone needs to be fixed. Rigid fixation is used in fractures of bones of extremities. But the crack edges is not always possible to rigidly fix. Sometimes used hard bandaging with an elastic bandage.
On a limb is put into a cast or hard splints. In any case, we try to fix the joints above and below the crack to avoid the constantly changing position of the bones during movement. Wearing fixation dressing is determined by the physician individually in each case. It depends on many factors – the place and the extent of damage, age of the patient and, consequently, the ability of tissues to regenerate.
The damaged area must be alone. You must try not to burden him. Otherwise, healing will be much longer. The doctor may prescribe some exercises that will improve blood flow in damaged areas.
Since the original injury site of bone formed cartilage tissue, the first should eat foods that contribute to the education of the cartilage. It is a fatty fish, jelly (jelly).
When formed cartilage tissue, it is necessary to start to eat the food that contains calcium. But we should remember that calcium is one of those substances that is very poorly absorbed by the body. It should be consumed together with vitamin D. it is mainly produced in the body under the influence of sunlight. But often their skin is not enough, especially in winter, when we wear a lot of clothes. Therefore, it must be taken separately. Large amounts of calcium contain dairy products. Many food contains calcium in the bones of salmon and sardines. And since fish is a rich source of phosphorus, which is also necessary to build bone tissue, its use in the treatment of cracked bones would be superfluous. Calcium contain various types of cabbage, asparagus, egg yolks, nuts.