Rib fractures can be single and multiple. The main symptom of this injury is a significant pain that increases with breathing and coughing. If you attach the head to the chest, you can hear the sounds of crepitate (typical pohrustyvaniâ friction of rubble).
Rib fractures can be complicated by damage to internal organs of the chest. Outwardly it may appear extensive hemorrhage under the skin or do not have visible symptoms. That is why if you suspect the gem as soon as possible deliver the victim to the hospital.
At the hospital, the physician immediately sent the patient for x-rays on the basis of which it will be possible to say how much damage the chest, as well as prescribe treatment.
If rib fracture uncomplicated, the patient's rehabilitation will take place at home, without any plaster. The edges impose a pressure bandage, the victim is prescribed rest and advised to avoid sudden movements. The recovery period broken ribs is 3-4 weeks. During this time, special attention should be paid to the diet that must include foods rich in protein and calcium. You can also start taking vitamins that contains the shock dose of calcium and vitamin D.
In the first days after a fracture is also appointed painkillers. If the ribs are broken on one side, usually the doctor will prescribe to put on the healthy side of mustard or banks. This is necessary to ensure that the lungs were not formed of stagnation, which can lead to pneumonia.
Complicated rib fractures are treated in hospital, under the supervision of a physician. If the fracture of the internal organs was damaged, the patient required emergency surgery.