Fractures occur most frequently in the largest bend of the ribs, i.e. on a lateral surface of the thorax. When the rib fracture the victim in most cases, pain in the chest, which is enhanced during talking, coughing or deep breathing. Considered less painful posture in the sitting position. However, at the slightest movement, the pain increasing again. Rib fractures are often accompanied by limited mobility of the chest, as well as lower respiratory capacity.

If the broken one rib, usually, no displacement of fragments of bones and damage to internal organs and tissues does not occur. This type of fracture does not require immediate hospitalization, and treatment of the patient is usually ambulatory in nature.

Upon detection of the rib fracture should not postpone visit to the doctor indefinitely. If for any reason it fails to do so in the near future, ask for help from the nearest person (relative, friend or neighbour). Produce anesthesia of the fracture site. To do this, apply the local procaine or alcohol-procaine blockade.

Put on the chest tight compression bandage. Instead of material it is possible to use a regular bandage or a towel. During the tying of the ends of the bandage exhale. Take a pain reliever.

If the fracture is a bone sticking out, a piece of rib joined to surrounding organs or have other dangerous situation after the imposition of fixation dressing try to immobilize myself. If breathing is difficult and the damage of the edge of the lung immediately call an ambulance.

Any fracture should be seen by a surgeon. You can't treat a rib fracture alone. After the examination, the doctor will recommend a sitting position, prescribe breathing exercises, physiotherapy treatment aimed at improving ventilation and warning them of stagnation, and will prescribe expectorant drugs.