Until now, scientists cannot give a clear answer to the question of why the fused bone. It is not proved that any drugs can accelerate this process. Qualified doctor know that the integrity of the bones, restores the body, and the case of the doctor is to ensure the broken bones a rest and correct position to avoid the risk of incomplete or incorrectly adhesions. The doctor also needs time to stop the possible suppurative processes and soft tissue damage. This is no wonderful pill that will be quicker to recover bone, simply no.
Medicine empirically established the following facts about the speed of fusion of the bones.

The number of fractures: one heals faster than a few, and if the fractures are multiple, some may not grow together. The rate of fusion is significantly affected by age. Such bones as the humerus, radius, clavicle and other heals very quickly, regardless of age, but for example the heel or the tibia, may not mend even in children. Dense bone heals more slowly than cancellous. The more broken bones around the muscle, the faster it will heal. Healthy, full of energy person's bone will heal faster than weak and exhausted. The bones included in the joint heals slowly. Active development of a limb through physical therapy and generally good activity of the patient is extremely positive effect on recovery rate. Poorly or incorrectly pinned the wreckage of undergoing unnecessary movements will coalesce much more slowly.
In bone reconstruction can be divided into four stages. Immediately after the fracture at the ends of the fragments form blood clots, which are subsequently formed fiber bone. The clot is filled with special cells called osteoclasts lining the edge of the bone, and osteoblasts that fills the gap between the fragments. After a few days formed a bridge between granular debris, which during the third stage of compacted and becomes fragile bone mass, which can easily be destroyed by careless movement, so that immobilization of fractures is absolutely necessary. The last stage - ossification, in this period, the body is active in supplying calcium to a region of fracture with the help of the circulatory system, it is therefore important to ensure a good blood supply to the fracture site.