Before you start the treatment of the fracture, give the injured man first aid. It is in transport immobilization. Fracture of the phalanges of the fingers make it in the following sequence: first give the damaged hand position, which is typical for fracture of the upper extremities, and then craft the splint (it should be in the form of troughs). Apply it starting from the elbow and ending with the fingertips (it is best if the bus will even go beyond them). In the gutter you have to put a cotton rug, a hand clamped tight ball, made of gauze or cotton wool. Next, firmly bandage the tire and hang it on the scarf. In that case, if the fracture is open, prior to transport immobilization treat the wound, apply a sterile dressing.
Before you start the treatment of the fracture, the physician should establish an accurate diagnosis using x-rays (usually done at least two pictures). It not only precise localization of the fracture, his character, but also show the direction of the displacement of bone fragments. After performing surgical treatment, or mapping fragments is assigned to control x-ray. This is done in order to check whether the treatment, and if so, how. The following will need to be done after ten-twelve days from the date of injury. The fact that in this period there is reduction of tissue edema, but there is a danger that bone fragments can be displaced. The results of the treatment (i.e. fracture healing) specialist determines if an x-ray, but after removing the plaster cast.
By the way, the mapping of fragments to spend as soon as possible, because it affects the result of the treatment (not later than on the second day after the injury). The mapping procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia (i.e., to numb only the affected area). After this manipulation (if all goes well) the patient applied the plaster bandage. As a rule, existing bone fragments fixed with special spokes (one or two) on a three-week period. After this period, the spokes will extract, but the plaster cast will leave for another two weeks. As soon as it will be removed, prescribed physiotherapy, exercise therapy.