After the x-ray resolved the issue of treatment and perhaps surgical intervention. If the bone is highly fragmented, you do the surgery and try to pick up the pieces. This files most often have to lie in traction in the hospital when through the bone stuck needle and suspended load, but without that full recovery of the legs impossible. Then you will have to have a cast for over 7 weeks.
After discharge from the hospital keep the body. Going to be hard, but stay too long and not worth it. You need to take a little walk, and that it was easier to implement, buy crutches. Try not to step on the injured leg, an extra load can damage.
Take vitamins, especially well promotes the healing of the bone calcium. But it all has to recommend a doctor. Also can grind the shells from the eggs and fry it in the pan. Take inside the powder on the tip of a teaspoon three times a day. Try to eat as many dairy products, especially cottage cheese and sour cream.
Unfortunately, any certain ways there's no cure, it takes time until the bones grow together. After removal of plaster you will need to go to physiotherapy, as in the period of immobilization suffered other cartilage. The development of legs is a little more than a month, but not always, lameness completely goes away, it all depends on the extent of damage to bone and duration of stay in the cast.