When injuries occur the first sign of a crack in the bone is pain. Listen to your feelings: the pain may be piercing in nature, and to be blunt, pulsating, tingling. Basically, these injuries are manifested by pain during movement. The greater the load on the injured place, the stronger the pain. In a state of relative calm unpleasant sensations are almost there. But if you touch the injury, you feel pain.
If the blow landed on the ribs and you feel prolonged pain in the chest, which increases on inspiration, try not to breathe too deeply. Also try not to cough and sneeze to your health has not deteriorated. Most likely, you have formed a cracked rib. It could be the result of a direct blow to the chest?, strong squeezing of a thorax and because of the fall.
If the injury you notice swelling, which increases easy on the eyes, no doubt the bone is damaged. The tumor formed in the limbs, impeding its normal operation and restricts movement. When the victim is in a forced position. But unlike the fractures in case of bone fracture swelling occurs rarely.
To check the availability of cracks, check for red if the place of injury and whether there was a limitation in the damaged area.
Immediately after impact may form a bright haematoma is a very painful and extensive. Touching it causes extreme pain. So if you are faced with the consequence of injury, be sure to visit the surgeon, to prevent the development of gangrene. Bruises appear as fracture and fracture a bone.
If after a heavy injury you do not notice any serious symptoms, you still go on examination in the emergency room. Better not risk your health. Make an x-ray to rule out any doubt. This is especially true of head injuries. Traumatic brain injury is very dangerous.