You will need
  • methodical development of teachers;
  • - diagnostics of children in different areas;
  • - personal data of the teacher;
  • - a computer with a text editor.
At the top of the page, write the full name of the child care institution that employs the teacher. Enter the location in which the garden district and the region.
Write the name of the document: "report on the activities of the teacher so-and-so". Tell me, how long has the teacher working in this kindergarten, what professional educational institution graduated from, when, and for what specialty. Specify experience as a caregiver and qualifying category. Mark, does the teacher their professional qualifications and how. All these data have clerk. They are usually listed in the feature, only in a more expanded form.
In the main part of the analytical report indicate what criteria you analyze the work of a teacher. A knowledge of modern educational technologies, the efficiency of their application in the pedagogical process, the stability of children learning programs, in which the tutor works.
Every teacher uses multiple educational technologies. Describe the main. Student-oriented, health-preserving, games — is not a complete list. Start with the most significant direction. In a few words, define what the technology is and how important it is. Specify what types of activities the teacher uses it and how. For example, health saving technologies include not only physical exercises and tempering procedures, but a dynamic pause during other lessons, teaching self-massage. Similarly, gaming technology can be applied actually in the game or as an element in the classroom. At the end of each part make a conclusion whether use of a particular educational technology contributes to the developments of cognitive activities and how it contributes to the development of child's personality.
Tell us about the effectiveness of the application of modern educational technologies. For this you will need the data of the primary and final (or intermediate, if the work is not finished yet) diagnostics for each activity. Usually the teacher himself conducting a survey is necessary for the competent planning group. Make a conclusion what personal qualities children are able to develop with the help of modern educational technologies. Perhaps they have become more interested in the surrounding world, began to be more interested in sessions, etc.
Write how much time your kindergarten according to the educational technologies. If the teacher, the activities of which you are writing an analytical certificate, is just beginning to implement a new direction, don't forget to celebrate. Make a conclusion how important is educational technology. Especially note the stability of results of children in different types of activities.
Mark personal achievements of the teacher in the development of specified educational technologies. Perhaps the teacher has given master classes or courses. Maybe he has an interesting methodological developments. Print out the text, put the date and signature.