You will need
  • - annual plan of educational work;
  • - data on the activities undertaken for the month;
  • - a computer with a text editor.
Write the name of the document: "report on educational work according to the results of such academic year". If necessary, for example, if a certificate were asked in a third-party organization, please indicate the number of school or class.
Perhaps your school has worked on some major educational project throughout the year. Tell us about it in the first place and don't forget to fit its purpose. This project can be sports activities, which includes a lot of competitions, local history, preparing for the talent contest and more. Enter events, specify the age and number of participants. Specify approximate date of commencement of work on the program (enough to write a month).
Copy of annual plan of work the projects worked on, your educational institution during the year. Arrange them by month. Under the title of each project, record the goals and objectives. This may be the formation of moral qualities, strengthening of health of children, development of creative abilities, etc.
Write which activities were conducted as part of each project. They should all be reflected in the plan, you just have to write the ones that really took place. Competitions, contests, competitions and festivals can be not only a school, but the district , city, regional and national.
Special attention is paid to mass actions. However, the work of educational institutions is usually judged on the victories of pupils in competitions and contests. If your children acted successfully in the competition or festival, be sure to check it. Indicate also participated in the activities of the children consisting on the account in the Commission on Affairs of minors.
If you make up a certificate before the end of the school year, please indicate the project on which the school intends to work in the last month. Write about the events planned for this time. If necessary, sign a certificate , signed and sealed.