Start compiling a portfolio with some General information about yourself. Write your surname, name and patronymic of a beautiful, readable font. Specify the year of birth education main speciality and qualification according to the diploma. If several diplomas, list all. Write about the labor and pedagogical work experience and do not forget to constantly update this section. If you've ever taken courses, participated in educational seminars and conferences, please indicate this too.
Apply to the portfolio copies of certificates, awards and letters of appreciation. All of these documents allow you to form an opinion about the individual development of a teacher. Specify these achievements in order of importance, since it is usually on the last lines to pay less attention.
The following section – "pedagogical performance". It is necessary to collect materials, which confirm the degree of development of students educational programs that allow the analysis of activity of the teacher on the basis of the control sections, contests and competitions in which participated students. Here specify the results of the final attestation of students, the presence of the winners and data on admission of students to universities. These materials will provide an opportunity to obtain insight into the dynamics of results of activity of the teacher.
In the section "research activities" we need to explain the choice of the educational program, instructional materials, tools, educational activities, and technologies. If you participate in the educational contests, workshops, conduct research, develop their own curriculum, write PhD doctoral thesis, write about it.
Portfolio teacher should have a section on extracurricular activities in which you can provide a list of creative works, projects and research carried out by students; to lead the list of winners of contests, competitions, Olympiads; write programs and scripts extracurricular activities, electives and clubs.
Describe your educational and material base: a list of reference books, dictionaries, reference materials, provide computer and technical training, bring your didactic material.