Earplugs can be made of different materials. Very simple made of wool. Silicone, polyurethane and polypropylene - a modern and practical. But the most convenient for home use are ear plugs made of PVC. When used properly, virtually eliminated the possibility of obtaining injury to the ear canal as the pressure on him is almost not there.Depending on the form of earplugs can be used one or more times. Disposable, affordable, and reusable - comfortable for the consumer and more environmentally friendly for the environment.
In everyday life most often used earplugs for sleeping. They should not cause discomfort and pose a threat to the organ of hearing. Therefore, their softness is the main quality that you need to pay attention to when buying.
Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the ear canal. Give ear liner form a smooth tight cylinder. Make sure that there were no pleats, which can not only cause a nuisance, but can also injure the ear canal.
Take the prepared ear pad and in circular motions slowly push it into the ear canal. Lightly apply pressure to the fixture to form an airtight seal.
Once the earmold is inserted, hold it some time to he finally straightened up and took the shape of the ear canal.
If you use silicone earplugs, in any case, do not insert them deeply. They should be located in the ear canal.
Use one product up to five times. But if the earplugs become dirty sooner, they should be changed. If the earmold stick to hands, it is also unusable and requires immediate replacement.