Why you need a medical earrings?

Medical earrings are usually Packed in sterile vacuum packaging fully meets the requirements of antiseptics. Sterile earrings are placed on a special gun and are inserted directly into the ears in the process of puncture. This procedure is virtually painless, and medical earrings cause minimal discomfort during the subsequent socks.

Earrings made of surgical steel is needed to minimize the risk of complications after puncture. This material is absolutely safe, surgical steel is not oxidized, does not cause allergies, in addition, it promotes fast healing of the ear lobe. These earrings need to be worn, without removing, a few months after a puncture, but they can be worn as jewelry after the injured tissue heal. This option is suitable for those who have allergies to other metals.
The average cost of such jewelry ranges from six to nine hundred rubles. Earrings made of surgical steel for much less price can be fake and cause unpleasant allergic reactions.

A selection of earrings made of surgical steel

Modern medical earrings are available in a variety of forms. Most often, they look like earrings with colored stones. Usually these stones are not precious. Most often, earrings made of surgical steel decorated with fionity – artificial crystals.

There are other forms of medical jewelry. Increasingly, these earrings are decorated with hearts, studs, stars, and other symbols. Thanks to this product can be worn as regular jewelry. Many girls buy medical earrings in a variety of variations to wear them every day.
Buy medical earrings can have a master who will pierce your ears. A wide selection of such products in many online stores.

Earrings made of surgical steel and come in different sizes. They should choose, based on the thickness of the ear lobe. Best of all it will make a master, from whom you are going to get her ears pierced. If you have thick earlobes, it is important to choose earrings of correct length, otherwise the follow-up process socks can cause discomfort and even minor injuries.

In some cases, medical earrings can contain impurities of other metals, so if you have a tendency to severe allergic reactions, should consult the master before the ear piercing to avoid unpleasant consequences.