Advice 1: How to unleash the ball

The beads are round and curved, inflated with air or helium, in the hand of a toddler or flying from the ceiling... it's All the usual attributes of most holidays. But how to untie the balloon when the air went out of him, and to leave the favorite gift you do not want? This is usually pretty difficult, but still possible. Have patience and be very careful.
How to unleash the ball
You will need
  • Vegetable oil or rich cream
  • Water
  • Soap
  • A knitting needle
  • Braid (synthetic yarn)
Try to untie the balloon, tightly covered cotton thread. Typically, these fibre knots are made at home, and to work them out is very difficult. Sprinkle on the node a little of any vegetable oil or smear it with a fat cream. You can also lather it. Then knead well the knot of the thread between thumb and forefinger.
Look closely at the site, and find the place where the overlap of the two ends of thread. Now very carefully so as not to pierce the ball, pry the lower part of the knot with a knitting needle. It is better not to use for launching products needles and pins – you unwittingly can make inconspicuous a hole in the latex, and re-inflated the balloon will burst.
Gently push on the end of a spoke through the bundle, gradually untying him. From time to time help yourself, lubricating knitting needle with vegetable oil or just soaking it with water.
Do not use for fixing the balloon with a thin cotton thread, if you would like it then to untie. Filling the balloon with air, stretch the end of the inflator hole and 3-4 times twisted it at the base. Then tie off the product thin decorative braid – your ball will be more elegant look, and it will be much easier to untie. You can also use synthetic acrylic yarn or other thick threads with the sliding surface.
Master the simple knot, which tied the balloons specialists in the festive decoration of interiors. Firmly clamp the "tail" of the inflated balloon to keep the air out. Pull it with force and spin, then you need to wrap the end of the latex product on two adjacent fingers. Pass the "tail" is formed between the loop and tighten the knot. Unleash the Orb tightly in this way is quite difficult. But still, it's easier to do than to unwind the knot of thread.
Useful advice
Buy as a gift or for interior decoration, foil (Milroy) a balloon – it is more durable and long blown away. It is fixed using a special valve and tape. To unleash such a metallized product will have soon, and will make it much easier.

Advice 2: Than to inflate balloons at home

Inflate the balloons at home using a homemade hydrogen unit. For its production will need a bottle, copper sulfate, salt, syringe, tubing, and copper and aluminum wire.
Than to inflate balloons at home
Balloons are a constant attribute of the holiday, but what if you have to inflate a large number of balloons and tanks of helium not? It doesn't matter. You can have your own hydrogen, without even leaving home. This will need a simple plastic bottle, a syringe, a tube, natural cork, copper sulphate, copper wire, wire of aluminium, and better than aluminum foil, sealant, food salt and actually own balloons.

As a replacement for aluminum wire or foil you can use aluminum jar, the only condition is that you need to clean its inner surface from paint and a protective polymer layer. And yet – all work is best done wearing protective gloves and glasses.

The stages of Assembly of a hydrogen plant

In the bottle cap need to drill two holes: one at the hose, the other under the syringe. For better attachment of the syringe to the tip and in one of the holes on the lid it is desirable to make the threads. To fix the done holes the syringe and hose, and its connections to coat with sealant. On the free end of the hose to put on the tube – it will provide the fastening of the ball. The plunger of the syringe to attach a copper wire to the surface as treated with a sealant. To the free end of the attached wire is required to tie the wire made of aluminum or crumpled foil. The piston will permit free movement of the aluminum reagent in the bottle.

Pushing the reagent out of aluminum in a bottle and closing the lid, you can get ready hydrogen production unit. To start its operation the lid of the bottle with reagent aluminium should be removed, and the bottle to fill the copper sulfate and table salt in a ratio of 1:1. Pour water and wait until the mixture is completely dissolved. The contents of the bottle need the cold to do this, it can be put in a bowl of cold water. The tube is fixed to the end of the hose, put a balloon, after the aluminum must be immersed in a solution of vitriol and salt and replace the cap.

What is the process of inflating the ball

The reaction followed immediately: secreted hydrogen to fill a balloon. As dissolution of the oxide layer of aluminum and heating the reaction solution will only accelerate. In the case of too rapid evolution of hydrogen can be removed aluminium from the solution by pulling back on the plunger of the syringe. Pull the balloon directly onto the neck of the bottle is strictly prohibited! Received the balls can be left in the form in which they are, or you can besiege them white or black bag and attach the led and run the ball in the dark.
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