The types of ear plugs

Earplugs you can buy in a drugstore, shop of overalls and order in the online store. There are several types of protective devices. To choose the right necessary, you need to know for what purpose they are needed. There are ear plugs for musicians, they are designed to protect hearing during concerts. Such devices have the properties equally to muffle the sounds of different frequencies, they have high performance of noise suppression. If you are concerned about the neighbors, the noise outside the window, it is recommended to purchase earplugs for sleeping. They have the ears of the small pressure, so you can use them for a long time.

From contact of the ears with non-sterile water will protect the ear plugs for swimming. For diving you must choose the special model with holes to align pressure. The sale also has earplugs for the noisy production, they will protect your hearing from loud sounds and from falling manufacturing debris. Ear plugs are manufactured from the following materials: cotton, silicone, PVC, polyurethane, polypropylene. All of these materials provide good absorption of the noise (up to 34db), usability, hygiene, shape retention, resistance to moisture and dirt.
To prevent pain in ears when flying in a plane you can buy special ear plugs that can relieve pain.

How to use ear plugs

All earplugs are the same, they need to compress to make the narrow tube, and then inserted into the ear canal. In my ears they straighten out and take its original shape, filling the space completely. You can choose ear plugs for single and for multiple applications. For permanent use it is better to buy reusable liners features a comfortable design grip. This design allows to avoid contact of the fingers with the surface of the ear plugs and ensures complete hygiene.
Disposable models acquire if necessary once protect the ears or with a small frequency of use.

Earplugs can have the colors and shapes, you can find models with lace. They are necessary to prevent loss in case of accidental loss from the ear. In areas with high noise levels are often installed dispensers a compact device for dispensing protective devices. Ear plugs for such devices are sold in plastic bags containing 200 pairs of fillers.