There are several ways to get money out of piggy Bankwithout breaking it. One of them is to use tweezers with sharpened ends, and a piece of copper wire with a cross section of 2-3 mm, without insulation. Bend one wire end at an angle of about 45 degrees. Turn the piggy Bank upside down, stick it in the wire hook and hook bill. Then pull it closer to the hole for coins. When the banknote is visible, put the wire and take the tweezers. Place your tweezers bill and gently pull it to avoid tearing. In this way, as you know, is useful for the extraction of piggy Bank it paper money, but not metal coins.
To pull out of the piggy Bank coins, if you get some flat, thin object such as a metal ruler, knife, nail file and so on. In order to empty the piggy Bank this way, turn it over, push into the slot and selected a flat long object and pry the coin – it quickly and easily will slide down. Of course, to pull this way one coin – long and tiresome. However, your piggy Bank will stay intact.
There is also another way to simply shake the piggy Bank. The coins eventually fell out of it one after another. However, it is also a tedious task, especially if the Treasury is paper money. They just prevent the coins from falling out of the slot.
By the way, you can save yourself and your child from the hassle, buying a piggy Bank, which you can open and re-seal. Typically, a hole of sufficient size in order to get all the coins and bills located in the bottom of the piggy Bank. It can be taped up in plain brown paper, a sticker or some kind of gag. After you pull out of a piggy Bank all the money, you can hand them to your child so that he can spend it on your needs. And the hole cover and put the box on place.